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Colorectal cancer screening

Screening of the large intestine is advised for those over 4O and 5O. If there is a family history of intestinal cancer, or you have been diagnosed earlier with any intestinal infection, it is advised that you attend regular screening from a younger age. In cases of diarrhoea, constipation, or bloody stools, examination is strongly advised.
Each year nearly 5OOO people die of colorectal cancer, it is the second most frequent cancer in Hungary which develops mostly in men over 5O.

Colorectal cancer screening possibilities:

  • Examination of bloody stools ( every two years)
  • Part-Colonoscopy (every 3-5 years)
  • Full Colonoscopy (every 5-1O years)

In the days preceding the Colonoscopy, a diet is to be followed and the examination is to be attended on an empty stomach. During the examination, the doctor sends in a thin cord which contains a tiny camera through the rectum.

Although the Colonoscopy is unpleasant, many severe illnesses can be prevented with it.

You should come ready and in a calm state to make the hard parts examination more tolerable.

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