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Aimed treatment to dissolve pain centers

Precise diagnosis is one of the most neccessary elements of pain therapy. The first notion of it is an in-depth examination.

To keep the treatment permanently effective it is important that you describe all of your symptoms accurately to your physician. The success of the treatment is often perceived after the 1st and 2nd the therapy, your life quality will improve and you will win back the freedom of movement!

What causes the development of pain centers?

A sedentary lifestyle, bad posture and a desk-bound job all contribute highly to the development of pain centers. However, too much movement, straining and monotone sports may also induce pain. We put an end to your symptoms with our healing therapy.

What are triggers?

Trigger points cause the most pain in our locomotive organs. Triggers are muscle-fibers that are constantly present, and have been shortened and thickened because of accidents (sprain, sports- accident), a bad move (lumbago), even because of a stressful situation, or strains that you are not used to.

What are the symptoms?

Permanent tenseness, chronic pains, restrained movement, sensory disturbances, damaged joints, vertebral disk abrasion etc. With Trigger therapy, we do not only cease your symptoms, but the actual cause of your pain, that is, the trigger points.

When is it recommended?

• If you have muscular pain in your vertebrae

• If you have chronic pain in your back and neck muscles

• If you have knee- and hip pains

• If you have ear-tingling, dizziness, certain types of headaches which are not related to laryngology

• If you have a Tennis- or golf eblow

• If you have Shoulder sclerosis

• If you feel Pain in the sole of your feet and heels („spur”)

• If you have muscle strains

• In case of sport injuries

What is Shockwave Therapy, and how does it work?

Shockwaves are acoustic waves that spread extremely quickly and which are transferred into the body by a conductor.

This is what gives the first shove to Your body so that it can start to heal itself. Instead of treating only the symptoms, we treat the original cause of your symptoms! The acoustic waves that are rich in energy dissolve the triggers, livens your metabolism, enhances the blood flow and start up the self-healing mechanisms of your body.

• During the set of treatments, pharmaceuticals are not needed

• The treatment comes with only a small level of pain, and minimal side-effects (reddening, small swelling)

• It is risk-free and an extremely effective alternative to traditional healing procedures.

Shock-wave therapy is conducted by: Aniella Hunka MD, reumatologyst

1125 Budapest, Virányos út 23/d.
Tel: +36 30 222 5502
        +36 1 275 0374
        +36 1 275 0375
        +36 1 275 0377
Fax: +36 1 275 0380

Please note that our documents are informational and educational in nature and cannot give answars to all the question on a particular disease or other issues that may arise in connection with them. The information provided is not aimed at replacing visits to the doctor, pharmacist or other health professionals who can provide an in-depth examination. Sincerely, Viranyos Clinic
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