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The nose is a prominent sense-organ of our face, its shape, size and proportions are aspects that determine the character of the face in an extraordinary degree so the not normal, shapely nose is one of the mot frequent problems. Its faults cannot be covered with clothing, hairstyle, and cosmetics like many other unfavorable physical dispositions so the wearer of a non-aesthetic nose can become the target of comments.

For whom we recommend

If you feel you are unsatisfied with the shape, size, slant of your nose and you consider it characteristically crooked, hooked, hunched, wide, slant or maybe too big as well as there is also other functional problems, for example nosehedge-warp.

Before the plastic surgery of the nose

Before the intervention we discuss it in detail which deformity of the nose causes problem for you, what has to be changed, what result can be expected, you plan with the plastic surgeon the shape of the nose and you get information about the technique of the surgery. We involve an otorhinolaryngologist in the procedure as well if it is not just about an aesthetic problem.
It is worthy to know that aesthetical nose correction is not recommended to be done before the finishing of the growth of puberty, in case of girls the minimum age limit is 16- 17 and 17 – 18 years of age in case of boys.

What happens during the surgery?

The simpler, shorter operations can be carried out under local anesthesia as well, we use general anesthesia in case of the longer ones so the duration of the operation can also change, 1 – 1,5 hours on the average. Most of the time we work with incisions just made inside of the nose, in some cases (very deformed nose) small, exterior skin incisions can be needed as well near the nose hole but even after these only thin, actually undetectable scar is left.
The nose plastic means the correction of the cartilaginous – bone structure of the nose or the reduction of it in case of need so can the desired shape of the nose be developed. If there is a nosehedge-warp as well it also has to be corrected at the same time.
After the nose surgery we fix the nose with a plaster brace that you have to wear for two weeks and it is recommended to spend one night in the clinic.

After the plastic surgery of the nose

The operation means a little strain indeed, inconveniences (wearing nose tampons and the plaster brace) may rather occur after it. Temporary haemorrhage of the eyelids is inevitable though we try to reduce this consequence to the possible minimum by using up-to-date techniques. Who is preparing for an operation like this better stays home for 2 – 3 weeks. The final result of the operation can be visible only after 3 – 6 months.

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Please note that our documents are informational and educational in nature and cannot give answars to all the question on a particular disease or other issues that may arise in connection with them. The information provided is not aimed at replacing visits to the doctor, pharmacist or other health professionals who can provide an in-depth examination. Sincerely, Viranyos Clinic
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