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Protruding ears, which can be corrected with ear plastic, make not just children but also adults the target of ridicule with which they can cause serious inhibitions, psychic problems as well to their owners.
Formal mutations of the earflap belong to the most common developmental abnormalities. Different problems can be solved with the help of the plastic surgery of the ears such as the correction of the protruding ear, reduction of lobes that grew too big, forming suitable curved, shaped ear.

For whom we recommend

In considered case the plastic surgery of the ears is worth having it done even before starting the school-age or at the beginning of adolescence when the outfit gets more emphasized. In adulthood any time, if the need arises, it is either about congenitally protruding and / or asymmetric ears or earflaps have deformed due to an accident, injury.

It is worth knowing before the plastic surgery of the ears

At the discussion we clear up what you would like to change on your ear and how you imagine your new ear, the surgeon chooses the suitable surgical technique according to this.
If you have active ear inflammation or any other active skin disease on the surgical area, the ear plastic cannot be performed until this problem passes away.

The plastic surgery of the ear

The plastic surgery is carried out under local anesthesia but you can ask for the intervention under general anesthesia. The ear surgery usually requires 1 hour depending on the extent of the correction is needed. The incision is made behind the ear, on an undetectable place. For the formation of the shape of the earflap the removal or formation of a part of the cartilage forming the earflap can be needed as well. The operating surgeon places a special bandage on the ears at the end of the operation.

After the plastic surgery of the ear

After staying in for few hours after the operation you can go home. You have to wear the bandage for about 1 week, which was placed on during the surgery, then you have to wear a headband for a few weeks so that the earflaps heal properly and the ears have to be kept away from cold, hits during this time.
We remove the stitches on the 10. – 14. day after the operation. The final, desired shape of the ear takes shape in the following few weeks after the surgery when we can look in the mirror already gladly.

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