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For the younger face
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We are obliged to face the progress of time day by day when looking in the mirror we contemplate our face. The reason for the wrinkling of the face is that the number of the collagens, the elastic fibers and the water-holding capacity of the skin reduces with the progression of the age. Wrinkles can be smoothened directly with the help of the wrinkle filling by the filler injected under the skin.

For whom we recommend

For those who would like to treat smaller wrinkles, subsides on their face or make their facial contour more emphasized. The wrinkle filling is suitable in case of the wrinkles of the forehead, small wrinkles appear between eyebrows and around the lower or the upper lips. This rejuvenation procedure is suitable mostly for the age-group between 30 – 50 years of age.

Before the wrinkle filling

At the first consultation you can discuss with your plastic surgeon on which part of the face you would like to smoothen the wrinkles and what kind of result you would like to have. Since it can happen that you need another intervention for the expected result. You get information about the process of the wrinkle filling and it also comes to the selection of the suitable filling (not absorbing, permanent products and absorbing products provide temporary result). It is also important to clear up if you have had a similar intervention before as well as if you have any allergy (this is essential regarding the selection of the anesthesia and the filling).
If you have any active skin disease we do not do the wrinkle filling just when the disease recovers.

What happens during the wrinkle filling?

The wrinkle filling requires only 20 – 30 minutes, before the treatment we put anesthetic cream on the place to be treated. If the plastic surgeon fills deeper wrinkles there can also be needed an injection anesthesia on the given area.
After the anesthesia the doctor cleans the place to be treated thoroughly then injects the filler in the wrinkles with injecting, and spreads it evenly with the help of massage. We determine the filler used for the wrinkle filling (Esthelis, Fortelis, Restylane) according to individual demands.

After the wrinkle filling

Swelling, skin blush, mild deformity, furthermore minimal pain or maybe the discoloration of the skin may occur after the treatments. These symptoms can be reduced with cooling and they disappear quickly, generally within two days.
You have to avoid strong gesticulation in the first 24 hours after the treatment for the fear the fillers should not move. The effect of the wrinkle filling treatment (it can extend from few months to five years) depends mainly on how durable filler we used. After the absorption the wrinkle filling can be repeated – even with more persistent substance as well, providing the youthful face continuously.

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Please note that our documents are informational and educational in nature and cannot give answars to all the question on a particular disease or other issues that may arise in connection with them. The information provided is not aimed at replacing visits to the doctor, pharmacist or other health professionals who can provide an in-depth examination. Sincerely, Viranyos Clinic
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