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Facial rejuvenation Ask a doctor Please contact us.

I. Mesotherapy


Spectacular aesthetical treatments!

The agent concentrate gets immediately to the desired area, the absorption does not meet with difficulties. The mesolift is used efficiently for aesthetical goals for several decades.

Its secret is that it has an effect on the cellular level. The cosmetic agents have their effect intensively when they get in a high concentrate on the area where we would like to achieve the result.

We perform microinjection near the skin surface with the help of a mechanized automated pistol. The device moves the special, exceptionally thin needle automatically so the depth of the injection is regulated strictly and constant. The treatments are personalized. The professional performing the treatments injects a cocktail under the skin that was compiled according to a unique formula. The treatments can be said rather inconvenient than painful. A considerable change is shown after 4 –5 treatments depending on the person.

Facial treatment

  • Acne treatment: we inject anti-inflammatory sedative substance into the skin, the functioning of the sebaceous gland is re-established
  • Treatment of scarred skin: collagen formation, cell renewal come into existence with mechanical influence so it results in a smooth, fresh skin
  • Pigment treatment: we paralyze the melanin production
  • Facial rejuvenation: during the treatment with a mesotherapic pistol we inject a substance under the skin, named Revitacare that contains hyaluron acid and multivitamin mix. The skin structure can rejuvenate even 10 years without wrinkle treatment and lancet. It is also efficient for the treatment of the neck, décolletage, and hand since these are the body parts where the signs of aging can be seen spectacularly as well.
  • Due to the effect of the treatment the skin becomes more elastic, more full, tighter, silkier, healthier, and the wrinkles smoothen. The face rejuvenation with mesolift consists of two steps. We perform one treatment per a week and the change is conspicuous even after the first occasion. After the treatment we fill the winkles with hyaluron that remain.

For the women in the 30-ies: hyaluron + vitamin ampoule revitalizes the skin
For the women in the 40-ies: hyaluron + vitamin + skin tightener ampoule. Here the effect of lifting predominates


Natural solution for rejuvenating the skin!

You should experience as well why patients choose this technique worldwide as the most efficient solution for the treatment of the skin.

What is the JetPeel ™?

It is a totally natural, almost painless skin treatment that improves dramatically the quality and outlook of the skin. Spectacular result can be achieved even with the first treatment.

How does the JetPeel ™ work?

This specific, safe method washes the skin surface with the mixture of water (sterile physiological saline solution) that is streaming with a supersonic speed, oxygen and air.

This really fine spray cleans the pores, removes the necrosed epidermic cells, and pollutions on the skin surface and fills the dried out skin with water. Besides this it improves the blood and lymph circulation in the network of the microcapillars of the skin. Its result is the fresh, soft, youthful appearance of the skin, its soft, silky touch.

In what kind of cases can the JetPeel ™ treatment be used?

  • It is excellently suitable for the preparation and the post-treatment of plastic surgeries (face, eyelid, neck plastic). The JetPeel ™ treatment stimulates the blood and lymph circulation right after the operation, reduces the tension of the skin, the swelling, and the haemorrhage efficiently. The spray cools the skin surface and empties the edema with the pressure of the sterile jet on the skin surface. The treatment quickens the absorption of the blood between the tissues.
  • The JetPeel ™ treatment is very effective in clearing the skin, hydrating the skin in need of moisture, and improving the lymph circulation.
  • It ensures a good result in the treatment of the acne, and comedos, namely quickly and painlessly.

On which part of the body can the JetPeel ™ be used?

Most often on the area of the face, neck, and décolletage. But it can be used at any area of the body that needs smoothing, deep cleaning, and hydration: on the hand, leg, chest, back, even on the area of the elbow.

How many JetPeel ™ treatments are needed?

We perform serial treatments most often. The medical attendant decides the number and the frequency of the treatments. JetPeel ™ treatments come on each week most frequently. The post treatments are particularly effective in maintaining the shiny and clear skin.

The JetPeel ™ treatment rejuvenates the skin in five ways:

  • Deep cleaning
  • Peeling
  • Hydration
  • Increasing the oxygen saturation of the skin
  • Improves the blood and lymph circulation of the skin
  • After the treatment lasting for a short time the skin becomes pink or lighter colored depending on the skin type. The skin regains its natural color after 15 – 30 minutes.

    JetPeel ™ – natural solution for rejuvenating the skin

    • Removes the necrosed epidermic cells so the skin regains its shining
    • Hydrates and cools the skin
    • Brings oxygen in the deeper layers of the true skin so stimulates the collagen production, renews and makes the skin elastic

    III. SKIN TECH – beautiful skin for a lifetime

    Chemical peeling

    The peeling comes from the English “to peel” word. The prupose of the peeling is the correction of the injuries of the skin such as aging, pigment patches, acne scars, and seborrheic dermatitis.

    The Skin Tech Peelings

    We can replace the medicinal treatment burdening for the organ or even risky surgical interventions with the application of the tricolor – acetic acid and phenol peeling of the Spanish Skin Tech Company. Depending on the origin of the problem there can be enough one treatment, or a cure, but there can be need for more cures.

    The indications expand from the active acne, through acne scars to different sized pigment patches as well as the anti-aging treatment that is so popular today.
    The stria (stripes takes shape because of the weight fluctuation) that causes problems to many of us can be removed uniquely with the so-called abrasive procedure.
    And we maintain the results of the peeling for a long time with the application of the creams were developed by the company.

    What is the Chemical peeling?

    • The chemical peeling is an intervention with which the skin can be smoothened with a chemical solution. Firstly the skin gets blistered then peels off. The skin forming newly would be smoother and less wrinkled.
    • Non invasive intervention that stimulates the renewal of the skin cells and results in a cleaner, smoother skin.
    • There are different acid and basic productions with different depth, and destructing effects. The level of penetration (superficial, medium, or deep), the destruction and the inflammation determine the efficiency of the peeling.
    • The procedures happen in a controllable, regulable order and circumstances.
    • the chemical peeling can be used efficiently on the whole body but particularly on the face, neck, chest, back, arms, legs.

    The surface of the skin is even, its state is cleaner, shinier after the treatment.

    Just an experienced doctor can perform chemical peeling. The efficient peeling is not a peeling that can be performed home!

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Please note that our documents are informational and educational in nature and cannot give answars to all the question on a particular disease or other issues that may arise in connection with them. The information provided is not aimed at replacing visits to the doctor, pharmacist or other health professionals who can provide an in-depth examination. Sincerely, Viranyos Clinic
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