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For the neat leg
Calf augmentation Ask a doctor Please contact us.

The glances of men’s eyes tend to stray toward shapely female legs flashing out from below skirts, but not every woman can say she has shapely calves. Calf augmentation can be an effective procedure performed for cosmetic reasons, but can also be done to correct shapeless calves resulting from congenital or physical defects resulting from accidents.

For whom we recommend:

Calf augmentation cosmetic surgery is an ideal solution for all those who would like to make their calves shapelier whether they have very thin legs, or have had some sort of accident or injury resulting in asymmetric lower legs.

Before calf augmentation

During the first discussion you can tell your plastic surgeon what kind of calves you desire and what your expectations are regarding calf cosmetic surgery. During the consultation the plastic surgeon reviews the procedure and the implant is to be chosen.
As with any other plastic surgery, it is necessary to inform your doctor about your general state of health and any possible illnesses.

What happens during a calf augmentation?

The calf surgery takes 1 – 2 hours and is performed under general anesthesia during which an approximately 3 centimeter cut is made on the inner side of the calf where the long reel or drop-shaped silicon implant is placed

After calf augmentation

Immediately following the operation a compression bandage is placed on the calves to secure the implants and prevent them from moving. After calf augmentation you will have to spend one night at the clinic, and return for removal of the stitches on the third week. For 6 weeks, be careful to avoid any physical strains which are accompanied by the use of your leg muscles (extended standing, exercise, etc.)

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