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For the shapely, firm back
Buttocks lift Ask a doctor Please contact us.

The shapely, firm buttocks – besides full breasts – are one of the most important symbols of the femininity. However, similarly to the abdominal wall the skin and fat layer of the buttocks can sag as well due to frequent weight fluctuations or genetic dispositions.
If exercising the gluteal muscles and / or other cosmetic skin tightening, body shaping procedures did not bring sufficient result then can be the buttocks lift an ideal solution that correct the shape of the buttocks and set their firmness back.

For whom we recommend

So we recommend buttocks lift for those on whose buttocks extra skin took shape after excessive weight loss and / or the skin is weak or bad quality on his / her buttocks.
During the buttocks lift surgery we remove not just the extra skin but the excess fat as well if it is needed.

Before the buttocks lift

At the first consultation you can discuss with your plastic surgeon what expectations you have in connection to the buttocks lift surgery. Then the plastic surgeon discusses with you how the imagined result can be realized whether the liposuction is needed or it is worth to insert an implant too for the perfect result. Then the doctor informs you about the technique of the surgery.
We carry out medical examinations before the surgery and it is important for the plastic surgeon to know if you have any health problem (cardiovascular disorders, respiratory difficulties, varicose, former deep vein thrombosis, etc.)

What happens during the buttocks lift?

We perform the buttocks lift under general anesthesia requiring 1 – 1,5 hours on the average that depends on the extent of the intervention (lifting the skin on the buttocks or liposuction too).

After the buttocks lift

We place a special compression garment on the body right after the intervention that you have to wear in the next few weeks after the surgery. After the intervention a pain can develop that disappears within a few days. The sensory disfunction of the skin may appear as well that can be cured with the appropriate medical equipments and is usually temporary.
After being there for two nights you can leave the hospital and you have to come back for the stitch removal after 2 weeks. In the next 1 month after the operation you have to take care that you should not strain yourself and relax a lot.
This contributes to the fact that at the end of the recovery you continue your everyday life with the new, firmer and shapelier bums.

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Please note that our documents are informational and educational in nature and cannot give answars to all the question on a particular disease or other issues that may arise in connection with them. The information provided is not aimed at replacing visits to the doctor, pharmacist or other health professionals who can provide an in-depth examination. Sincerely, Viranyos Clinic
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