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Breast asymmetry correction Ask a doctor Please contact us.

Full symmetry does not characterize our body it follows that there are certain differences between the two breasts of the women. The asymmetry of the breasts can be to such an extent that it causes significant aesthetical problem and leads to severe anxieties, inhibitions in a woman‘s life. The aim of the operation is the formation of symmetric breast shapes.

For whom we recommend

We recommend this type of breast surgery for those where the shape, size, form of the two breasts become especially different from the puberty or shows serious asymmetry due to the age or certain effects (for example breastfeeding).

Before the surgery

At the first meeting you discuss with the plastic surgeon in detail what result you would like to achieve and would be the appropriate surgical procedure to that.
Since depending on the extent of the discrepancies, shape, your age as well as personal wishes there are various solutions to correct the breast asymmetry. Different types of surgeries (augmentation, lift, reduction, areola asymmetry correction) can be combined for the sake of the aesthetical result. There is a need for correcting sometimes just one of the breasts or maybe both breasts – even with different breast plastic techniques – to achieve appropriate symmetry.

What happens during the surgery?

We do the breast asymmetry correction under general anesthesia, the procedure and duration of the operation changes in the respect of the applied surgical intervention(s), about which you get detailed information from your doctor.

After the surgery

Generally you have to spend one night in the clinic after the operation and independently from the surgical type wearing special bra for 3 – 6 weeks is recommended. We remove the stitches on the 2. – 3. week after the surgery.
You have to relax a lot after the operation, you have to avoid physical strain for one month. The change can be visible right after the surgery, your breasts become more symmetric but few months should pass for the final result.

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Please note that our documents are informational and educational in nature and cannot give answars to all the question on a particular disease or other issues that may arise in connection with them. The information provided is not aimed at replacing visits to the doctor, pharmacist or other health professionals who can provide an in-depth examination. Sincerely, Viranyos Clinic
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