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Social Value and Financial Profit

Buda Vaccination and Private Medical Center voted Private Healthcare Center of the Year in Hungary


Last year saw an increase in Hungarians using private healthcare, largely as a result of private clinics offering an increasingly greater range of services. Public and private healthcare systems both can be beneficial for patients and can operate together in a transparent environment, according to speakers at Hungary’s second annual Private Healthcare Center of the Year awards. The winners were chosen according to the votes of patients as well as professionals. Out of many prestigious private clinics, Buda Vaccination and Private Medical Center emerged triumphant and took the grand prize. On the ceremony Há also presented Hungary’s biggest medical services database.

As Hungarian public healthcare is severely underfunded and suffering from a shortage of doctors, an ever increasing importance is placed on private healthcare. According to a survey by Hungary’s leading online health magazine Há, nearly 50 percent of Hungarians with a medical problem attended a private clinic at least once in 2014. Há launched the Private Healthcare Center of the Year awards in order to provide potential patients with the information needed to find the best private healthcare facility possible.

“Private practice is becoming bigger and broader in scale. It has expanded beyond traditionally private services, such as dentistry and gynaecology to everything from diabetology to endocrinology. At this point, each area of healthcare has a high-quality private alternative.” – said Professor Zoltán Kaló, jury member and Director of Health Economics Research Centre, Eötvös Loránd University.

Public or private?

While public and private healthcare are often seen as rivals, a mutually beneficial cooperation between the two sides is just as possible.

“Private healthcare is more based on profit, while public healthcare is doing a service to society as a whole. However, both models are just as helpful to patients, and numerous examples indicate they are equally important and can create mutual benefit in a transparent environment.” – said Pál Győrfi, jury member and Communication and PR Director of the National Ambulance Service.

Private Healthcare Center of the Year

The “Private Healthcare Center of the Year” award was given in three categories: best individual, best group and best overnight hospital service. The grand prize was given to the applicant voted the overall best in all categories according to patients and professionals, while the participant with the most patient votes got a special award.

”Our intention was to emphasize and encourage quality in private healthcare, and to draw public attention to those offering quality services” – said Hajnal Kulcsár, jury leader and editor-in-chief of Há “To further help patients find the ideal healthcare solution, we have launched Hungary’s biggest medical services database ( The database already contains over 5,000 doctors and 200 fields of specialty. Patients may also book an appointment using the interface.” – Ms Kulcsár added.

The high-profile award ceremony was held on June 11th 2015 at the Vörösmarty Room in the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Winners of the Private Healthcare Center of the Year 2015 Awards:

Grand Prize, “Private Healthcare Center of the Year 2015”:
Budai Oltóközpont és Magánorvosi Centrum (Buda Vaccination and Private Medical Centre), Budapest

Special award for highest number of audience votes:
Istenhegyi Géndiagnosztikai, Nőgyógyászati és Családtervezési Centrum (Istenhegy Genetic Diagnostics, Gynecology and Family Planning Centre), Budapest

Jury award winners:

Individual practice:VP-Med Egészségcentrum és Oktatási Központ (VP-Med Health and Educational Center, Budapest

Group practice: Vanderlich Egészségcentrum (Vanderlich Health Center), Veszprém

Overnight hospital service: Virányos Klinika (Virányos Clinic), Budapest

Audience award winners:

Individual practice: Kristály Dental Esztétikai Fogászat (Kristály Dental Aesthetic Dentistry, Keszthely
Group practice: MindentMent Fogászati Rendelő (MindentMent Dentistry), Budapest
Overnight hospital service: Medicenter Szakorvosi Intézet (Medicenter Specialist Institution), Szeged

For more detailed results look at:

The five-member professional jury were:

  • Professor Zoltán Kaló, Director of Health Economics Research Centre, Eötvös Loránd University
  • Dr Zoltán Papp, gynaecologist, clinical geneticist, health service manager
  • Pál Győrfi, Communication and PR Director of the National Ambulance Service
  • Péter Zöldi, economist, health service manager, Executive Director of, manager for newspaper Orvosok Lapja
  • Hajnal Kulcsár, editor-in-chief of Há
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